Start living a toxin-free life

Start living a toxin-free life

Many of us are starting to realise the impact that chemical-laden cleaning products are having on our health. As we become more aware of product ingredients, we are starting to understand, that it isn’t just what we put on or in our bodies, it’s also what is being sprayed (and wiped) in our homes!

Today, I’m going to break it down for you and help you make the change.

Starting with chemical cleaners and the nasties that lurk in every bottle!

Sometimes It’s hard for us to break the habits of a lifetime, we’ve been told in countless ads and for generations that chemical cleaning products work and are the only solution. 

But once you make the switch to natural-based cleaning, you’ll soon realise that natural plant-based ingredients work just as well, if not better than their chemical-laden counterparts.

Beth Green an environmental health consultant and author of Super Natural Home, warns that the chemicals in cleaners “can act as endocrine disruptors – substances that interfere with our natural hormones”. 

This can lead to conditions, such as allergies and asthma, and more commonly fatigue.

Here’s why:  Synthetic cleaning products produce a by-product called dioxin, an endocrine disruptor, immune moderator and known carcinogen. These include CyP1B1, an enzyme of the Phase 1 liver detoxification pathway.  This can lead to increased production of 4 Hydroxy Estrogen, a ‘bad’ estrogen associated with breast cancer. (

The liver, our main filtration system, has two detoxification phases, and each is very important. 

The Phase 1 pathway leads to the production of toxic intermediates, (free radicals), which in turn then must be rapidly acted upon by Phase 2 pathway so as to render these harmless.  If Phase 1 is overactive, and Phase 2 is sluggish for any reason, we run the risk of a build-up of the toxic intermediate products from the Phase 1 pathway. These intermediary chemicals are more detrimental than the original toxin itself!

In a nutshell, the two phases of the liver need to work together and these dioxins can disrupt this process.

Quite simply, my best advice is to lose the chemical cleaning products altogether and introduce natural, plant-based products to your home. 

I promise you will notice a difference straight away, not just to your health, but by the way your home ‘feels’. 

Two other simple things you can do today, and this one sounds easy, but is so important, is to sleep well! It is by far the best way to rejuvenate the body’s own detoxification capacity both mentally and physically. 

And secondly, invest in some indoor plants, as it’s often the toxins we can’t see that are most harmful, indoor plants will help to remove toxins and improve air quality in your home and look beautiful to boot!

So what products do I use? My go-to products for home cleaning, are Koala Echo

They are the most beautiful scented products, using all-natural ingredients, hand made right here in Bondi & they work exceptionally well!

Cleaning house never felt so good.










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