About Us

At HUMM eco, we're driving towards living an ethical, sustainable and cruelty-free future for all. By acknowledging that each individual is ‘the change’, we can all take ownership of our personal choices, and we can all strive towards making decisions that are as ethical as they can be. By having a mutual goal, we know that anything is possible.

The first step for us is to make products that drive this change, easily accessible to everyone, what better way to do this by creating HUMM eco, an on-line Eco Store? This way, we can work together to create an awareness of what is happening in our own households. We can all do our bit, and work toward achieving change for future generations.

We are based in Sydney and started our process by making changes to our own daily habits, focusing on our waste, our consumption, and living without toxins.  To our delight, we found the product switches we made, worked better than their chemical laden counterparts, and that’s when we decided that we should share these great products with you.  

Our aim is to source the best cruelty free, low-toxin, and eco friendly items on the market, and feature them on our website. Our focus is our customers, because we know, that like us, you want to make a difference.  We can all make responsible decisions, every day, to make our lives better, and help the planet. 

Feel free to browse our products, and if you have any questions or suggestions, hit the ‘ask’ button, we love hearing from you.