Should I switch to solid shampoo bars?

Should I switch to solid shampoo bars?

Did you know that the average woman spends $2000 a year on shampoo? Switching to solid shampoo bars can help save money and reduce waste. Solid shampoo bars are also gentler on your hair, which is great for people with sensitive skin or those who have been colour treated. In this blog post I'll be discussing the benefits of switching to solid shampoo bars and how they work!

Conventional liquid soaps are generally made using synthetic ingredients, things such as silicones, parabens, sodium and phosphates.  Many conventional shampoo and conditioners also contain Palm Oil. 

These ingredients are not only harmful to you, but they are harmful to our Planet!

Washing your hair with chemical based  products leaves a ‘build-up’  on your hair, this build-up makes your hair feel greasy, and increases the amount of washes you need!

Solid shampoo bars are generally made using all natural ingredients, making them safer for you and the Earth.

The benefits don’t just end there though, so I’ve compiled a small list, to make it easier for you to digest the information about solid shampoo bars:


Solid Shampoo Bars are:

  • Much better for the environment as they are packaged without plastic, one solid bar equals six plastic bottles of shampoo that you are personally saving from landfill, this makes them the perfect zero waste option! There is also no nasty chemicals entering our waterways!


  • They make your hair healthier, as solid shampoo bars are made naturally, with natural ingredients, after a month or so of use, you will notice your hair will be build-up free. There’s a period of adjustment as your hair gets used to going natural … but very soon, your hair will be stronger, cleaner and shinier!


  • Great value for money, solid shampoo may seem a little bit more expensive at first, but because they last a long time (about 2-3 months) they are much cheaper in the long run, and you tend you not overuse them as much as a bottle. Also you need to wash your hair less frequently!


  • They are easy to use – simply wet your hair and run the bar over to the ends, lather and rinse!  Simple, done.  There is no need to use a conditioner, as the natural ingredients work with your hair, not against it!


As a bonus, solid shampoos are very easy to travel with, as you can take them on planes, perfect for your carry on luggage, without worrying about leaks or spills!!

So, apart from elevating your hair quality, you’ll be saving money and stopping many, many plastic bottles from ending up landfill and our waterways!

You can check out our solid shampoos here:







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