Staying afloat in a sea of waste

Staying afloat in a sea of waste

Am I really making a difference? The environmental impact that we are having on the planet can seem a little overwhelming at times!

With each new statistic we read, countless news articles about waste and plastic washing up all over the planet, even going for a walk and seeing rubbish in the streets points to the devastating impact on wildlife systems that our consumption is having!

It can get a little gloomy, and we can sometimes start to feel powerless to actually do something about it! It’s easy to feel completely burnt out.

I understand this fatigue, and it can be easy to feel disheartened, you start to wonder: “What can ‘I’ do, can I really make a difference”?

If you are feeling overwhelmed, but want to continue on a more sustainable journey  … read on!

It's okay to feel anxious by our impact, we live in such a fast-paced, consumer driver world, where the focus is about convenience, and there doesn’t seem to be any time to stop and make a difference.

We’re all part of the cycle and it can be difficult to see another way. 

But even just thinking about your own carbon footprint, your lifestyle, and your own waste is the perfect place to start! 

Rather than feeling insignificant and helpless, start to think about the little things you can do, to create a more sustainable future.

Because it takes ALL of us to implement our own personal changes that can have the greatest effect on the planet!

 I want you to know, that your contribution will have an impact, no matter how tiny you feel it might be! Your own personal contribution to bringing change will amount to less landfill, and less waste leaving your household!

With that in mind, it’s important to take charge of your own consumption habits, and make simple, doable steps towards bringing about change in your own world. 

This could as simple as getting a keep cup or a reusable straw!

It’s all about taking little steps, rather than giant leaps!

You’ll be amazed how quickly the little steps add up, and soon become second nature! 

Cutting down on plastic, and waste in general is ultimately a ‘feel good’ response to what is happening in the world around us.

This in itself can provide the motivation to keep going with your sustainable journey!

So, quite simply, go gently, but determinedly into the journey, and start with these 3 basic rules:


Here’s a few ideas to help you nail the mantra:

Refuse: single use plastic!

You can do this by taking your own bags for groceries, as well as produce and bread bags, taking your own reusable straws, drink cups and cutlery when you are out. 

At home, you can use alternatives to cling wrap for left-overs, such as wax wraps, silicone or cotton bowl covers.


Reduce: the number of chemicals and toxins in your home and on your body!

Harsh chemical cleaners can cause untold damage to our waterways, and to us. Chemical-free, natural deodorants will also reduce the number of toxins and chemicals being used on our skin.

Switching to chemical-free soap bars, and solid shampoos will dramatically reduce the amount of plastic leaving your house, and also cut down on toxins and chemicals.


Reuse: say no to disposable items that are used once, and thrown away, and replace them with reusable alternatives. 

Paper towels, facial wipes and plastic sponges attribute to masses of waste, that leave our homes and go to landfill. 

Washable alternatives like ‘unpaper towels’ unsponges, and face wipes made from materials that can be washed, and can be used over and over in your daily routine. 

Using washable, reusable alternatives to many disposable items, will not only save on landfill they will also save you money!

 SO, don’t despair and don’t give up.

Every action you take no matter how big or how small makes a difference…You make a difference.

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