the importance of gut health

The importance of gut health for everyone

The importance of gut health cannot be underestimated because it affects every other part of your body as well as mental wellbeing. It's a complex system that helps your body absorb nutrients from food, synthesise vitamins, break down toxins into harmless byproducts and balance the immune system.

Our gut - known as our body’s 2nd brain, is now recognised as the key to good health! We now realise the importance of keeping a good balance within our gastro system for optimum health and well-being.

It’s not just digestive issues that can be affected, our gastro health can be the root cause for many other health issues, including brain and mental health issues.

The connection between gut health and mood has been known for some time, with people who suffer from bowel disorders (eg. celiac disease and IBS) being more likely to feel the effects of depression and anxiety.* (NAVA Health and Vitality Centre).

Symptoms relating to poor gut health can be as obvious as abdominal pain, bloating after meals, reflux and flatulence, but also less obvious symptoms can be present, such as headaches, fatigue, joint pain and immune system weakness.

So what should we do to not only restore good gut health but maintain it?

In a busy world, it can be difficult to consume all the vitamins and minerals necessary to maintain optimum gastro health.  But with a little bit of thought and some planning, it is entirely possible to restore full health to your gastrointestinal system and maintain it.

By doing so, it will have major positive effects on your entire body, everything from mood to memory and more!  Healing your gut allows the body to build a stronger immune system and produce the RIGHT kind of bacteria, that tells your brain its okay to feel good!

One of the best ways to restore gut health is by adding supplements to your daily routine. Powdered supplements are quick and easy to use, they can be added to your smoothies, diluted in water, or sprinkled on cereal. 

Love Your Gut by Lee Holmes is a pure, food-grade  Diatomaceous Earth.

When taken on a daily basis, DE has the ability to sweep clear forms of bacteria out of the system. It helps eliminate parasites and intestinal worms from the body and aids in keeping the bowels clean. DE contains 15 minerals that are known to promote healthier, shinier hair, skin and nails. It can help lower cholesterol, blood pressure and give relief from arthritis pain. It can help increase energy, clean sinuses and relieve coughs!  Love Your Gut completely cleanses and detoxifies your body!

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